Our Services

AC Repairs

Few things are more unbearable than your AC breaking down in the searing heat of the Florida summer. And that says nothing about the huge disruption it causes to your daily life and work schedule. Our 24-hour emergency service offers trained, respectful and responsive technicians who can tackle even the most daunting challenges

Heating Services

At CMi, our experienced service technicians are well-versed in the industry and ready to tackle all your heating needs. Choosing a company you can trust for dependable repair services and cost-effective solutions is crucial—CMi is here to meet those expectations!

AC Installation

On average, you should replace your AC system every 10 years. If you maintain your system well (using our Energy Savings Agreement maintenance program), your system could last 15 years or more. When your current system is beyond repair or costs of recurring issues are mounting, call CMi for an estimate on a new unit.

AC Maintenance

Your AC system has much in common with your health, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound a cure! Our maintenance agreement could just be the ounce you need… to limit repairs, reduce emergency calls and make your system last longer.


There’s no need to delay your comfort or deny your desired lifestyle! CMi offers special financing for your home improvement projects with approved credit. Call us today to get started! Or, secure your own home improvement credit card.


Solving electrical problems is not only a logical extension of our heating and air conditioning services; it’s something we love doing for our customers, too. You can breathe easy when you know experienced, licensed and insured electricians are handling your electrical needs.

We Service All Makes & Models

We’re known by the company we keep which is why you’ll see only top brands in our line-up. And, we promise to match you with the systems that make sense for your lifestyle.