UV Lights by Fresh Aire UV

Indoor Air Quality

The power to eliminate pollutants from the air inside your home and keep your A/C clean!

  • Powerful ultraviolet energy helps eliminate biological contaminants like mold and bacteria.
  • Improves air quality, prevents slime build-up in the drain pan.
  • Improves system efficiency by keeping coils and blowers clean.
  • One or Two year Lamps available.
  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts (excludes lamp and labor).
  • Customizable Options for every application not all products listed below, many options available!


Blue Tube 2yr Lamp

  • Does not produce ozone
  • Kills germs, mold and allergens
  • Saves energy and reduces maintenance costs
  • Single Bulb
  • 1yr RPLC Lamp , or
  • 2yr RPLC Lamp

Special Price with new system install 



  • Does not produce ozone
  • Aggressive advanced titanium dioxide infused carbon cells capture and transform chemical vapor
  • Odor Reduction (Smoke, Oil, Pets)
  • Effective way to safely remove airborne contaminants and odors
  • One year lamp

Special Price with new system install 



APCO w/ Remote UV Lamp

  • Does not produce ozone
  • Low energy consumption
  • Combines the benefits of both UV bulb and the APCO into one product
  • Most effective product to address a wide variety of odors and kills germs, mold and allergens

Special Price with new system install